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Current Year Testimonials

FanFaire NYC

Dear Flint,
I hope you are well. Thank you from the entire FanfaireNYC team for your appearance at FanfaireNYC Launch Into Cyberspace! We are so grateful for the group of creative industry guests that committed to this event and to inspiring our viewers, and especially the young creators of the High School of Art & Design. We received great positive feedback that the event was interesting, informative and fun! I hope that this relationship between you, the school, and students could be an ongoing partnership, because we feel it is so important to encourage and support the next generation of young professionals who have ambitious goals for a creative career.
This year was special because it was all online but next year we plan for a triumphant return to in-person FanfaireNYC and we'd love for you to be part of it again if possible. We will stay in touch.
Thank you again for giving your time and inspiration to our families and students!
The FanfaireNYC Committee 2021
Art & Design High School Parent-Teacher Association

Phil Stone

Fine Art Fotos & Video,
Thanks Flint! Chris has watched that my domain names do not expire! You guys are the best. I tell everyone I can about Fine Art.
Love you, and keep up the good work!

Previous Years

Curtis Class of 1969
High School Reunion

Hi Flint,
We just recently sent out the group email. In 2 years (on our 70th class birthday year) we hope to have another class reunion get together.
Will reach out to ya again and also will recommend you always to others. Thank you for your continued fabulous service and dedication in sharing great times with class of 1969 Curtis High.
Enjoy your Christmas and New Year festivities!!

Melanie's Sweet 16
Photography & Videography


Dave & Busters' Photography

Lisa Testimony

Phil Stone

Before I met you and Flint...from Ms.Frey...I had nothing.
Now I have my FB, WEB, E-MAIL ETC.
And I love that you monitor stuff.
I'll be your client forever.

Karen & Sean's Birthday Party

Thank you again for working with us to create lasting memories of our birthday
with family & friends.

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